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San Francisco Reverse Mortgages

Mary Jo Lafaye's Profile PicA good friend of mine is one of San Francisco’s premier pension attorneys and we often find ourselves in typical coffee shop conversations about subjects like, Retirement Cash Flow, Sustainable Retirement Solutions, Minimizing Risk in Retirement, Protecting Oneself from a Poor Sequence of Returns, Reverse Mortgages, and other hot topics of great interest to the group of Boomers and Seniors we call the Mass Affluent; massive in number and “almost” affluent.

San Francisco’s retired population is the epitome of a Mass Affluent Haven, mostly due to Housing Wealth. Retirement experts estimate that about 95% of the retirement-age residents of San Francisco hold 70% or more of their net worth in the form of Housing Wealth, a.k.a home equity.

Common Reverse Mortgage Questions

Is a Reverse Mortgage the only way to access this wealth?

How easy is it to turn San Francisco Housing Wealth into Retirement Cash Flow with a Reverse Mortgage?

How much can the FHA-insured Reverse Mortgage offer retirees, as a way to supplement Social Security and Protect against Market Volatility to Preserve Cash flow throughout retirement?

And, how much have interest rates fallen this year on the HECM?

And on the JUMBO HomeSafe Proprietary Reverse Mortgages, which can lend a homeowner up to FOUR MILLION Dollars? 

The Benefits of Reverse Mortgages

San FranciscoAll Reverse Mortgages have been dramatically improved over the last decade. All Reverse Mortgages are non-recourse, and all proceeds from a Reverse Mortgage are non-taxable (consult your tax advisor).

A Reverse Mortgage can pay off your conventional mortgage, thereby eliminating the mortgage payment (principal and interest) from your monthly obligations

A Reverse Mortgage can help divide housing wealth for folks getting divorced at or near retirement (all parties can remain, homeowners, not renters)

A Reverse Mortgage can boost purchase power for homeowners choosing to downsize, right-size or upsize to the retirement home of their dreams (golf course, resort town, nearer to family and friends, a one-level lower maintenance home in a peaceful locale)

A Reverse Mortgage can offer a growing line of credit to buffer market volatility, supplement Social Security, pay off revolving debt, make home repairs, cover remodeling expenses, provide cash to build an ADU for ongoing extra income, and so much more

A Reverse Mortgage can lend up to $4 million to pay for in-home care or a spouse’s care needs outside the home.

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Want to know more? Mary Jo Lafaye, Reverse Mortgage Specialist, published author, and national speaker on the topic, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and hosts monthly Reverse Mortgage workshops entitled, 5 Ways to Keep the Money Flowing During Retirement for Realtors, CFP’s, attorneys, CPA’s, homeowners, and their trusted advisors. Private consultation is also available at Mary Jo’s Marin office, at your home, or at your advisor’s office. As a bank employee, Mary Jo is able to offer all analysis and consulting on a complimentary basis.

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